Cozy Knits

Sweater: Old Navy Black skinny jeans: NY&C Cowl: Kohl's Flats: Payless

Thursdays are my days off of work this semester, but I have a class in the evenings.  I wanted to wear something comfy for a day full of reading and an evening full of learning, but I also wanted to look "put together." [Can you tell that I really like to be comfortable?  I think I've mentioned it in almost every post so far...]  I hunted for a pair of black skinny pants for ages, and when I found these at New York and Company, I had to buy them - they fit like a glove!  The color of this sweater kind of washes me out (oh hey pale skin), so I usually wear a scarf or bold necklace with it to break up the color.

Fun fact about me: I'm passionate about animal (particularly dog) rescue.  I began volunteering at our local animal shelter about two weeks ago, and I'm actually heading out the door shortly for another "on the job training" session today.  It's so much fun to help animals find their forever homes, and I love seeing the look on people's faces when they find their perfect match.  I hope there are some new cats and dogs there today for me to snuggle!

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